Ken Price

A Survey of Sculptures and Drawings, 1959 – 2006

9 December - 4 February 2017


Hauser & Wirth London is pleased to present a survey of sculptures and drawings by Ken Price, one of the most influential figures of 20th century ceramic art. Working amongst a group of innovative artists who emerged from the creative landscape of 1960s Los Angeles, Price spearheaded a revolutionary shift in the traditional conception of ceramics from a purely functional medium to the realm of art object. Finding inspiration in sources diverse as the Bauhaus, Japanese ceramics, classic Southwestern pottery, jazz music and counter cultures of the 1960s, he developed a unique contemporary language; his oeuvre revelled in psychedelic colour, biomorphic form and erotic innuendo. Drawing represented a particularly joyful element within the artist’s practice and throughout his career Price produced an extensive body of works on paper. With their fantastical compositions and brilliant colour palette they both echo and illuminate his sculpture. Drawn from a private collection in the US, the presentation occupies both gallery spaces and comprises over 180 works, spanning a period of more than 40 years. Hauser & Wirth is delighted by the rare opportunity to present such a large group of the artist’s work, introducing him to a country with a great tradition of ceramic art.

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