Mike Kelley
Framed and Frame

September 23 - November 19, 2016


Organised in collaboration with the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.

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Family Garden Workshop

Get hands-on in the garden with educators from the Garden School Foundation. For this month’s workshop, families will construct bird houses and learn how to attract nests in the garden. Afterwards, stop by the current exhibition, ‘Mike Kelley: Kandors 1999 – 2011’ to see if you can spot the bird house within the galleries. The Garden School Foundation is responsible for the teaching gardens at the 24 Street School in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles.

About the artist

Mike Kelley is widely considered one of the most influential artists of our time. Originally from a suburb outside of Detroit, Kelley attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, before moving to Southern California in 1976 to study at California Institute of the Arts from which he received an MFA in 1978.  The city of Los Angeles became his adopted home and the site of his prolific art practice. In much of his work, Kelley drew from a wide spectrum of high and low culture, and was known to scour flea markets for America’s cast-offs and leftovers. Mining the banal objects of everyday life, Kelley elevated these materials to question and dismantle Western conceptions of contemporary art and culture.

Current Exhibitions