Dieter Roth,
Martin Kippenberger

26 May - 27 August 2006


Hauser & Wirth are delighted to present the inaugural exhibition at Coppermill, the gallery’s new East End space. The exhibition will display works by Dieter Roth & Bjorn Roth and Martin Kippenberger. Martin Kippenberger and Dieter Roth are considered to be two of the most influential artists of recent decades. Both produced prolific bodies of work that reflect a common interest in unconventional media, techniques and subject matter, harnessing everyday objects, language and imagery. Collage and assemblage are central to both artists' practice, as are collaboration and studio practice. Though Roth was from an older generation, his working methods were similar to those of Kippenberger; both artists displayed a shared fascination with deconstruction and failure as means of creating art, and stretched beyond the boundaries of conventional art making.

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About the Artist

Dieter Roth

One of the most influential artists of the post-World War II period, Dieter Roth was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1930, to a German mother and a Swiss father, and died in Basel, Switzerland in 1998. Dieter Roth was an artist of an immense diversity and breadth, producing books, graphics,...

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