Photo of LARAAJI by Nathan Perkel 

Pipilotti’s Salon Series for Gathering: Laughter & Celestial Sounds with LARAAJI

  • Thu 14 March 2024
  • 6 pm

On the occasion of ‘Pipilotti Rist. Prickling Goosebumps & A Humming Horizon', please join us for the first in our Salon Series for Gathering, initiated by Pipilotti Rist, featuring a laughter ‘playshop’ and ‘celestial sound journey’ with legendary musician & polymath LARAAJI. 

Within the multisensory experience that is Rist’s immersive exhibition, the Salon Series for Gathering will present multiple opportunities to engage within the installation’s whimsical ‘collective living room.’ 

For our first salon, ambient music pioneer and icon LARAAJI will lead a laughter and sound release playshop through guided call and response chanting, internal ‘laughtercises’ and playful interaction soundtracked by music. The evening will include gentle body movement, relaxation and periods of intuitive wisdom and deep stillness. 

This event is free. However, due to limited space, reservations are required.  
Click here to register. 

Philadelphia-born, New Jersey-raised polymath Laraaji has maintained a pursuit of spiritual transcendence through music since the mid-70s. After several years of studiously developing an aesthetic informed by Eastern faiths and transcendental research in his long-time home in Harlem, in 1979 Brian Eno stumbled upon him busking in Washington Square Park in New York, improvising celestial meditations with his electric zither. The producer invited him to contribute to his influential Ambient series, resulting in the 1980 album Day of Radiance. Ever since he’s remained an outsized figure in new age and ambient music, eschewing synthesizers in favor of hand-made sounds, consistently embracing a human presence in his ever-seeking performances. Whether using monochord instruments, singing, or deploying electronics-kissed percussion, Laraaji’s music remains connected to cosmic African-American tradition, and as hypnotically beautiful as his work has been he’s never been afraid to inject ripples of tension and dissonance into his trance-inducing journeys. 

About ‘Pipilotti Rist. Goosebumps & A Humming Horizon’
Self-described ‘wild and friendly’ Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist presents a selection of new and recent sculptural works and projections in ‘Prickling Goosebumps & a Humming Horizon.' At Hauser & Wirth’s West 22nd Street building, Rist transforms the entire street level space into a ‘living room’ painted in lush reds and vegetal greens. Here guests discover single-channel sculptural video works, including many presented publicly for the first time.

Rist, a pioneer of spatial video art, was born 1962 in Grabs in the Swiss Rhine Valley on the Austrian Border and has been a central figure within the international art scene since the mid-1980s.

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