Lionel Bovier. Photo: Annik Wetter 

Curator Walkthrough: Lionel Bovier on ‘Verena Loewensberg. Kind of Blue’

  • Wed 21 February 2024
  • 5 – 6 pm

Celebrating the opening night of ‘Verena Loewensberg. Kind of Blue,’ the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York, please join us for a walkthrough with curator Lionel Bovier, in the company of president of the Verena Loewensberg Foundation, Henriette Coray Loewensberg, followed by an opening reception. 

Born in 1912, Swiss artist Verena Loewensberg was a leading figure of the influential Zurich school of concrete artists. The only female member of the group which also included Max Bill, Camille Graeser and Richard Paul Lohse, Loewensberg distinguished herself through her oeuvre’s formal and chromatic flair. In her work, structured oil compositions are animated by wide-ranging color and shape, yielding a precise yet poetic art.  

Curated by Henriette Coray Loewensberg, president of the Verena Loewensberg Foundation, with the support of Lionel Bovier, vice president of the Foundation and director of MAMCO in Geneva, ‘Kind of Blue’ features paintings spanning four decades of the artist’s career, as well as the only sculptural work Loewensberg ever made. In the 1960s, Loewensberg opened City-Discount, Zurich’s first jazz record store. Hauser & Wirth’s presentation, titled after Miles Davis’ seminal 1959 album, will give visitors the opportunity to discover the artist’s love of jazz, which expressed itself in her paintings through rhythm and movement. 

This event is free. However, reservations are recommended. 

About Lionel Bovier 
Lionel Bovier is an art historian, curator and former art publisher. Since 2016 he’s the Director of MAMCO, the museum of modern and contemporary art of Geneva. In 2022, he organized there a retrospective of Verena Loewensberg, the first in the French-speaking area, and edited a monograph on her work published by Walther König. In 2023, he became vice-president of the Verena Loewensberg Foundation.