Photo of GABE courtesy of the artists

EJ Hill, [jef]Frey Michael Austin, Morgan Bassichis, DonChristian Jones

  • Sat 18 February 2023
  • 9 – 8 pm

GABE will present a fusion of music, sculpture, comedy, and performance as a concerted meditation on queer kinship and commodification for the public on Saturday, February 18. GABE is a collaborative project between artists DonChristian Jones, EJ Hill, [jef]Frey Michael Austin, and Morgan Bassichis. GABE means ‘Good and Bad, Equally.’ And, ‘Gold Amethyst Beryl Emerald.’ But of course also ‘Giving All Boys Erections.’

Am I allowed to reach out and touch them? Am I allowed to laugh / dance / cry now? Is that an altar or a life raft? Is it anything at all? What are gay people if not a poster promising something that may or may not come together? Is everyone feeling the capacity for this call? Can my good sis get a break? Remember when my truck died? What if we just bring our usual toys? A part of me is still longing for more poetry.

GABE stands for ‘Gender Assigned at Birth: Extraterrestrial.’ Now we’re going deep deep. Memory, portals, plinths, podiums, monuments, but not too funereal. Granite, like ass, you can eat right off of. GABE means ‘Gestures At Being Everything’ Language is always the hardest part.

This event is free, however, reservations are recommended.

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