Photo: Mario de Lopez

Courtyard Celebration:
‘Paul McCarthy. A&E Drawings’ & ‘Mika Rottenberg’

  • Sat 25 June 2022
  • 3 – 6 pm

Join us in the courtyard for the opening celebration of ‘Paul McCarthy. A&E Drawings’ A&E Drawing Session 2021 With Lilith Stangenberg’ and ‘Mika Rottenberg’. Enjoy cash bars by the gallery’s onsite restaurant Manuela and an all vinyl set by DJ Jihaari.

Mika Rottenberg’ exhibition is the first major presentation of her work on the West Coast, in anticipation of the global release of her first feature length film ‘Remote’ made in collaboration with filmmaker Mahyad Tousi. McCarthy’s debut of new and recent ’A&E’ drawings is an offshoot of the artist’s ongoing video series with German actor Lilith Stangenberg. An acronym for Adolf & Eva, Adam & Eve, and Arts & Entertainment, ‘A&E’ is a multi-disciplinary project that evolved out of the artist’s film project ‘NV Night Vater’ (2019 –).

Free to attend, no booking necessary.