Photo: Josep Gayón

Family Workshop

  • Sat 23 October 2021
  • 10.30 am

Join us for a series of family workshops inspired by Mark Bradford’s exhibition ‘Masses and Movements’.

On 23 October 2021, we invite children from 3 to 6 years old to engage with prompts involving art, colors and textures.

The workshops are developed and carried out in collaboration with local organization Sa Xaranga and the paper artist Silvia Vivó.

We recommend booking. You can book along with your ferry ticket. Depart with the 10 am boat from Mahon and meet us at the dock of Illa del Rei. Boats return every hour.

Recommended for children 3 to 6 years old. 3 euro per adult, free for children.

About the exhibition ‘Mark Bradford. Masses and Movements’ includes a suite of new work based on the Waldseemüller map, known as the first to use the name ‘America’ in print, in 1507. Continuing the renowned artist’s exploration of systems of oppression, ‘Masses and Movements’ reasserts the importance of abstraction to understand the world we inhabit.