Adam Buick, Miniature Landscape Studies, 2021 © Adam Buick

Opening Reception: Rift

  • Fri 17 September 2021
  • 5 – 8 pm

Join us in celebrating the opening of ‘Rift’ at Make Hauser & Wirth Somerset This autumn three artist-makers will present new bodies of work that push material boundaries, and further explore contemporary craft practice. Harry Morgan exploits the properties of opposites, through the juxtaposition of fragile glass and immutable concrete; Adam Buick submits his ceramic jars to the forces at play in the kiln; Nic Webb works with the dynamic energy of wood and the unpredictability of clay. Through acts of intervention and manipulation, the exhibition illustrates an evolving dialogue and interplay between material and maker. The periphery of a work, how it occupies space together with its physical substance are in turn explored and challenged, searching for points of connection, dissonance and possibility. Find out more about the exhibition here. This event takes place from 5 – 8 pm at Make Hauser & Wirth Somerset, 13 High Street, Bruton, Somerset BA10 0AB.

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