Publishing & Bookmaking Panel: Can we get beyond gender?

  • Thu 5 March 2020
  • 6.30 – 8 pm

On the occasion of the recent release of ‘To Exalt the Ephemeral: Alina Szapocznikow, 1962-1972’ from Hauser & Wirth Publishers – as well as ‘Great Women Artists’ (Phaidon) and ‘Women Artists’ (Thames & Hudson) – this panel discussion explores the dynamic process of bookmaking, considering the place of gender at this moment in art publishing. Bringing together two editors, a designer and an author, the conversation aims to assess the categorisation of artists, sensitivity in programming and considerations from initial idea to final object. Rebecca Morrill is Commissioning Editor (Art) at Phaidon Press, where she recently edited, and wrote the introductory essay for, ‘Great Women Artists’: a survey of over 400 women artists spanning 500 years. Prior to Phaidon she worked as Head of Collector Development North East at Contemporary Art Society; Producer, AV Festival 10 and 12; Exhibitions Curator at Serpentine Gallery and Exhibition Organiser at Whitechapel Gallery. Sonya Dyakova is an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Founder of Atelier Dyakova, a multi-disciplinary, award-winning visual communication agency based in London. She led the design of ‘To Exalt the Ephemeral’. Dr. Flavia Frigeri is an art historian and curator, currently Teaching Fellow in the History of Art Department at UCL. Previously she worked at Tate Modern, where she co-curated ‘The World Goes Pop’, among other exhibitions. She is the author of ‘Pop Art and Women Artists’, both published by Thames & Hudson. Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin is Managing Editor with Hauser & Wirth Publishers and has been working on the books with the gallery since 2014. He was Editorial Manager for ‘To Exalt the Ephemeral’.