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CalArts Sublevel Magazine Launch

  • Sun 29 September 2019
  • 3 pm

Join us for the launch of Sublevel issue #3, ‘Stamina,’ an online magazine from the CalArts MFA Creative Writing Program in the School of Critical Studies. The afternoon showcase will include a performance by Brooklyn-based comedian Morgan Bassichis, a reading by CAConrad, a conversation between Ligia Lewis and Samara Davis, and a screening of work by artist Ericka Beckman. This event is free, however, reservations are recommended. Click here to register.   About the Issue Sublevel Issue #3: Stamina includes contributions by Dodie Bellamy, CAConrad, Samara Davis, Gina Stella dell'Assunta, Renee Gladman, Dana Johnson, Marrion Johnson, Kate Kendell, MPA, Okwui Okpokwasili, Christina Sharpe, Max Wheeler, & Ellen O’Connell Whittet. This issue was edited by Maryam Kazeem, Elena Murphy, Perwana Nazif, Beatrice Robinson, Sabrina Tarasoff and Sarah Yanni. This print edition was designed by David Caterini and Becca Lofchie. About the Magazine Sublevel Magazine is an online literary magazine devoted to the nexus of literature, poetry, art, criticism, philosophy, culture, and politics. Based in the CalArts MFA Creative Writing Program in the School of Critical Studies—an innovative and interdisciplinary environment dedicated to the experimental impulse in writing and thinking—Sublevel is a literary publication immersed in the world of art without being in service to it. We make no hard distinctions between creative and critical enterprise, instead celebrating writing of any kind that we find stimulating, timely, or otherwise compelling. Each academic calendar year, we publish eight features comprised of original essays, interviews, roundtables, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction works on a theme. We also publish an annual limited-edition print component, the Sublevel B-sides, which reflects the content of the online magazine and questions the need for print in the digital era. Sublevel Magazine was founded by Janice Lee and Maggie Nelson in 2017. Lauren Mackler is its Managing Editor.

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