CalArts Critical Studies Residency: Magic Lantern Demonstration

  • Sun 9 June 2019
  • 3 – 6 pm

Join scholar Melissa Ferrari for a demonstration of an 18th century magic lantern performance, preceded by a discussion on the history of phantasmagoria. The event is hosted in conjunction with CalArts critical studies resident Jessica Wawra (Kesselring) and her exhibition ‘Extensions of Horror’ on view in the Book & Printed Matter Lab. First Projection: 3.00 – 3.40 PM Second Projection: 4.00 – 4.40 PM Third Projection: 5.00 – 5.40 PM This event is free. Due to extremely limited capacity, three projections will occur based on the above schedule. Please indicate your preferred projection time when booking. Click here to register. About ‘Extensions of Horror’ Organized by Jessica Wawra (Kesselring), ‘Extensions of Horror’ focuses on how individuals interact in social space through the framework of phantasmagoria. Often seen as a precursor to horror, phantasmagoria was a form of theatre that began in the 18th century that used fantastical visual imagery and optical tricks to overwhelm a viewer's senses. Wawra (Kesselring) argues that phantasmagoria and horror are tools accessible by everyone and serve a range of purposes within varying cultural contexts. About Melissa Ferrari Melissa Ferrari is an experimental animator, nonfiction filmmaker, magic lanternist, and scholar who seeks to acquaint folklores of the past with contemporary culture. In exposing peripheral histories, she aims to unveil the wonder that lies in the shadow of nonfiction, rather than fiction. Her practice engages with the politics of contemporary cryptozoology and skepticism, the history of phantasmagoria and documentary, and the mythification of current science and pseudoscience.