Nikholis Planck

Parallax: Poetic Visions

  • Tue 19 March 2019
  • 7 – 9 pm

What does a future poetics look and feel like? The reading series ‘Parallax: Poetic Visions,’ presented by Hauser & Wirth Publishers in association with Zoe Brezsny, addresses this question by featuring poets who take risks through a wide variety of aesthetic approaches and performance styles. Their work bends genres at the crossroads of poetry, sound, and technology, operating as a tool of transformation. Each event in the series features two poets; some are emerging creative forces, while others have had long careers yet continue to reinvent themselves. These pairings seek to juxtapose practices so that each reader might reveal something unexpected in the other’s work. For the fifth installment of Parallax: Poetic Visions, New York City poet and psychotherapist Kim Rosenfield will join Michael Dickman, who's a poet and professor at Princeton University. When asked to describe her aesthetic inclinations, Kim Rosenfield has said, ‘Every day I wake up with a brand-new attitude. I always want to experiment.’ In performance, Rosenfeld employs a technique called ASMR to trigger tingling sensations of relaxation in her audience. In a warm whisper during a recent podcast episode, Rosenfield recites, ‘I may walk into the void. I may walk into the void holding your hand. Poetry is the best void for loneliness, don’t you agree.’ In addition to several books of poetry, Rosenfield’s clinical writing can be found in the journals ‘Psychoanalytic Dialogues’ and ‘Studies in Gender and Sexuality.’ Acutely aware of sounds, smells, and sights, Dickman’s poetry is ‘lithe and seemingly effortless,’ according to The Believer.  His wonderfully strange third book, Green Migraine, is in part a reflection on living with chronic pain. There Dickman writes, ‘My master plan is happiness.’ We the readers discover that it is a zigzag master plan. Along the way Dickman invokes sublime sensory detail and violent, dream-like ‘crying in the cosmos that doesn’t sound like you…Missile static and afterburn in the petals.’

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