Catherine Goodman Photo: Clare Walsh

In Residence: A Symposium on Artists’ Residencies

  • Fri 26 April 2019
  • 1.30 – 4.30 pm

This symposium considers the context for the recent increase in artist-in-residence schemes across the globe and examines the different models. Principally artists’ residencies provide dedicated time and space for creative work. A residency can provide artists of all disciplines with many different styles and models of support; they can take place in all sorts of locations from the urban to the rural, for a single artist to many. Some residencies require the artist to participate in programming or to donate artwork; some residencies are free, but many other residency programs must charge fees. Some artists make a career out of participating in artist residency programs; some organisations will pay an artist to create work. Participants may be visual artists, writers, composers, choreographers, scholars or other creative individuals. Some residencies can be a programme for active engagement with the public while others can focus on solitude and retreat. Many provide accommodation and studio space as a home-away-from-home; this is especially the case for Hauser & Wirth Somerset - a community for artists in which to work and be supported in the creation of new art. Hauser & Wirth Somerset has invited key speakers to represent the initiator and the reciprocator in order to hear their experiences of artist-in-residence programmes. Itinerary 1 pm Delegates arrival. Tea & coffee served in the Implement Shed 1. 30 pm Introductions and welcome in Threshing Barn, plus a tour of current exhibition ‘Catherine Goodman. Eve’ led by artist Catherine Goodman 2 pm Return to Implement Shed for afternoon talks 2.10 pm Mark Cazelet 2.35 pm The Delfina Foundation 3 pm Afternoon Tea 3.30 pm South London Gallery 3.50 pm Plenary 4.30 pm Finish Tickets are £15.   On Friday 26 April we are hosting three different events, all exploring the artist’s creative process. Spend the day at Hauser & Wirth Somerset and join us for all three, or drop in for one. From 5 – 6 pm, we invite you to join us for a free exhibition tour of our current exhibitions ‘Matthew Day Jackson. Pathetic Fallacy’ and ‘Catherine Goodman. Eve’. The tour will be led by Senior Director, Alice Workman. From 6.30 – 8 pm, join us in the Threshing Barn for Known and Imagined Landscapes: An evening with Alice Oswald, Rachel Campbell-Johnston and Catherine Goodman. This event will explore the relationship between poetry, landscape and the imagination and includes readings by award winning poet Alice Oswald, and author and journalist Rachel Campbell-Johnston. Author, Helena Drysdale will a chair an open discussion to conclude the evening. Please contact if you would like local accommodation recommendations.

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