Family Studio Workshop: Neon Signs

  • Sun 23 September 2018
  • 12 pm

Artist Martin Creed takes an innovative approach to a broad range of materials and his ongoing fascination with the commonplace. This month's Family Studio Workshop is inspired by Creed's 'MUMS DADS KIDS GODS,' the neon artwork installed above the Hauser & Wirth Garden. By incorporating text, symbols, and patterns relating to their identity, participants will create their own signs using colored air-drying clay, glue, and black foam board. This event is free, however, reservations are recommended. Click here to register. About Martin Creed Martin Creed is an artist and musician who was born in Wakefield, England, and is now based in London. Words play an essential role in Creed’s work. He considers his work as a musician and composer as inseparable from his work as a visual artist. His paintings and sculptures can be thought of very much like pieces of music, in which each interpretation is different, and in which rhythm and color play an important role. Creed has permanent neon installations in locations such as the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the Christchurch Art Gallery in New Zealand. Photo: Amanda Lopez