Family Studio with Matt Wardell

  • Sun 11 December 2016
  • 12 pm

Join us for a hands-on Family Studio exploring themes of our current exhibitions, ‘Isa Genzken’ and ‘Schwitters Miró Arp.’ About the Studio: Working in collage and assemblage, families will come together to construct a collaborative sculpture based on the ‘total work’ of Kurt Schwitter’s Hanover studio (Hanover Merzbau) and an earlier work Merz-column. The work will have several stages of construction, all led by artist Matt Wardell. Found objects and salvaged/purchased wood will form an armature, while layers of collage and assemblage will complicate the surfaces. About our Current Exhibitions: ‘Schwitters Miró Arp’ is dedicated to the re-evaluation and rediscovery of three fascinating figures who instigated a material language that continues to inform contemporary art today. From the turn of the century, this trio of artists was united by the impulse to renew and transform artistic expression. Building on the achievements of Cubism, they pursued this goal through experimentation with collage and assemblage, generating radical new ideas to confront a Europe characterized by the catastrophe of war. Isa Genzken’s diverse practice encompasses sculpture, photography, drawing and painting. Her work borrows from the aesthetics of Minimalism, punk culture and assemblage art to confront the conditions of human experience in contemporary society and the uneasy social climate of capitalism. This event is free, however advanced booking is essential as there are limited places. Click here to reserve a place.