Lygia Pape’s ‘Wheel of Pleasures’

  • Sat 20 October 2018
  • 3 pm

On the occasion of the exhibition 'Lygia Pape,' Hauser & Wirth will also stage Pape’s iconic participatory work ‘Roda dos Prazeres (Wheel of Pleasures)’ (1967) every Saturday at 3 pm until October 20 on the rooftop of the 22nd Street gallery. The installation comprises a circular grouping of vessels filled with brightly hued liquids. Encouraging a sensorial engagement with the installation, Pape has provided viewers small medicine droppers that can be used to sample the colored solutions. The experience elicits sensations of both pleasure and dissatisfaction; the unlabeled liquids range in taste from pleasant to unpleasant. ‘In this way,’ Pape wrote about the installation in 1980, ‘an ambivalence of the senses was created: the eye saw one thing and was delighted, but the tongue might reject it. Or it could reinforce what the eye had already devoured, couldn’t it?’

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