Family Studio Workshop: Mosaic Portraits

  • Sun 26 August 2018
  • 12 pm

Artist Jack Whitten once wrote in a studio note from 2012, ‘all of my memorial paintings are gifts to the people that inspired them… they are not mere dedications… they are gifts.’ For this month’s Family Studio Workshop, participants will create their own mosaic ‘self-portrait’ painting in honor of someone they love, using square foam tiles on poster board. The workshop will be led by Matt MacFarland. Educators will be available every half hour, beginning at 12.30 pm, to guide children and parents on walkthroughs of ‘Jack Whitten. Self Portrait With Satellites’ to view the works that inspired this month’s project. This event is free, however, reservations are recommended. Click here to register. About Jack Whitten. ‘Self-Portrait with Satellites’ Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles is proud to present ‘Jack Whitten. Self Portrait With Satellites.’ This commemorative survey celebrates Jack Whitten’s (1939 – 2018) unique ability to convey the power of philosophical, scientific, and mathematical concepts through an exquisite abstraction. ‘Self Portrait With Satellites’ takes viewers on a journey through the various permutations of abstraction that span the artist’s entire career. The exhibition brings together self-portraits and other paintings from Whitten’s own personal collection, many of which the artist studied on a daily basis, and offers an intimate glimpse into the artist’s core beliefs about art, his deep philosophical concerns, and the people that inspired him. Photo: Mario de Lopez

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