The House of Fairy Tales Easter Adventure: The Great Spring-Y Conbobulatin

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This Easter, Hauser & Wirth Somerset welcomes children’s arts charity The House of Fairy Tales back to Durslade Farm for another interactive adventure for the whole family. Playing in and around the current exhibitions ‘Elisabeth Frink. Transformation’ and ‘Djordje Ozbolt. A Brave New World’ The House of Fairy Tales and their cast of characters invite visitors on a brand new adventure, leading to surreal, befuddling and brilliant flights of imagination all about Spring – Planet Earth’s most buoyant and mysterious season… Rumbling up from underground this Spring are the Swevenaughts – dream recyclers. They travel far and wide to find leftover bits of dreams so that they can feed them into their amazing machine: the Oneiric Re-combombulator, and use them to build their faraway, underground Dreaming City… but something is going wrong – the dream seasons are getting all muddled up. They only have two days to fill their machine with dreams of Spring, and save the Dreaming City! Carefully tuned radars and introspectrosopes tell them that this is just the right place to come. But dreams are tricky things and Spring dreams, doubly so – they are going to need help! Join the House of Fairy Tales for two days of colourful investigation, live characters, puppetry, game-playing, story-seeking, and music. This is a free event and booking is not essential, just simply turn up and enjoy the adventure. Children should be accompanied by adults at all times. The Roth Bar & Grill will be serving refreshments throughout the afternoon at the Radić Pavilion, as well as their usual service within the restaurant and bar. The House of Fairy Tales is a national children’s arts charity that exists to engage with young people of all ages from any socio-economic or cultural background and any religion. Central to the House of Fairy Tales is the belief that providing imaginative spaces to learn and play is not just about creating happy children but happy families, healthier communities and a thriving society too. Artists participating in this project include: Oliver Wallace, Hattie Worboys, Stephen Whitehead, Jude Haste, Ian Dawson, Ben Zeng and Robin Clyfan.

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