Don McCullin

23 Jun - 23 Jul 2018 Los Angeles


British photographer Don McCullin has witnessed some of the most harrowing humanitarian disastersof the last half-century, having covered every major conflict in his adult lifetime for news sources such as The Observer and Sunday Times Magazine. His assignments included the Vietnam and Biafra Wars, Northern Ireland, the Lebanese Civil War, Belgian Congo, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, and the fall of Phnom Penh. In pursuit of his work, McCullin was wounded in Cambodia, fell from a roof in Salvador, Brazil, was imprisoned by the Idi Amin regime in Uganda, and contracted cerebral malaria in West Africa. Over the course of his dedicated career documenting war and conflict, McCullin has become celebrated both as a master of black and white photography, and as history’s greatest war photographer.

This edition of the Book Lab is dedicated to the exhibition ‘Don McCullin’ on view in our Tower Room 2. The Lab presents a display of original magazine articles that document McCullin’s career, saved by the artist over the years. A collection of the photo journalist’s personal memorabilia is also featured in this presentation, including the Nikon camera that notoriously saved his life from a sniper bullet during the Vietnam war.

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About the Artist

‘When human beings are suffering, they tend to look up, as if hoping for salvation. And that’s when I press the button.’ – Don McCullin Photographer Don McCullin has witnessed some of the most harrowing humanitarian disasters of the last half-century, having covered every major conflict…
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