David Smith: Field Work – Making a Mark

28 Sep - 22 Dec 2019



The Book Lab at Hauser & Wirth Somerset is devoted to the American artist David Smith. Titled ‘Making a Mark’ it uses archival material both in printed form and stories told by his children presented in films to bring Smith’s artistic legacy to life.

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About the Artist

One of the foremost artists of the twentieth century and the sculptor most closely linked to the Abstract Expressionist movement, David Smith is known for his use of industrial methods and materials, and the integration of open space into sculpture. Over a 33-year career, Smith greatly expanded the notion of what sculpture could be, questioning its relationship with the space it was created in and its final habitat; from the artist’s atelier and art foundry into the realms of industry and nature. Spanning pure abstraction and poetic figuration, Smith’s deeply humanist vision has inspired generations of sculptors for the decades since his death.

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