Cal State LA Community Impact Media Documentaries

Book & Printed Matter Lab Presentation 14 Sep - 9 Jan 2022 Los Angeles

'The Community Impact Media Program is resulting in more than just films, it is building and sustaining a community.' - Heather Fipps, Program Director


Beginning 14 September, Hauser & Wirth will partner with California State University, Los Angeles to present ‘Community Impact Media: Documentaries from the Students of Cal State LA’ – a showcase of 16 original short form student documentaries screened together in the Book and Printed Matter Lab at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles. This presentation marks the first time these films have been shown together in full, and highlights an evolving collaboration that is committed to advancing the use of film as a tool for social impact and is dedicated to empowering a new generation of filmmakers.

Started in 2017, Community Impact Media is a shared community engagement project between Hauser & Wirth and Cal State LA’s Television, Film and Media Studies’ Department. Community Impact Media provides student filmmakers with hands-on experience in media production and storytelling to guide them through the process of creating original short documentaries about the inspiring work of local nonprofit organizations.

The semester-long course, led by Assistant Professor Heather Fipps pairs student film teams with local nonprofits to create short films about important issues such as the unhoused communities of Los Angeles, mass incarceration in California, statewide and national environmental justice and local arts advocacy.

To date, Hauser & Wirth’s ongoing support of the Community Impact Media program has resulted in the 16 films on view in this installation. These films chronicle the journey of a continuing partnership between the gallery and Cal State LA and lift up the stories and work of organizations dedicated to making lasting change.

Featuring the work of student directors:
Julia Bayalan, Golden Gonzales-Palmer, Dylan Gunaratne, Nate Lewis, Krystal Manuel, Zulema S.M Miranda, Andre Moore, Sean Nesler, Kelli Quock, Kaitlin Ragland, Daniel Rivas, Lola Salgado, Adela Tobón, Madeline Tondi, Luna Vargas, Tiffany D. Washington

Learn more about Community Impact Media in the below trailer.

Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

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