Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy: Caribbean Pirates


Still from ‘Frigate’, Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy, 2001–2005 © Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy

Inspired by the Disneyland attraction and movie Pirates of the Caribbean, Paul McCarthy’s Caribbean Pirates project began as a collaboration between the artist and his son, Damon McCarthy, in 2001 and has spawned sculptures, installations, performance and film. Hershey’s chocolate sauce and classical cinema coalesce in the McCarthys’ nautical world of debauchery and brawling. The lawlessness of piracy is central to this seminal work, which interrogates the ways bodies, sex and violence all find themselves enmeshed in networks of cultural references and American consumerism.

Hauser & Wirth Publishers new release ‘Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy: Caribbean Pirates’ features two major projects ‘Frigate’ and ‘Houseboat’, alongside an essay by John C. Welchman and a text by the artist, which are both excerpted below. The two volume artist book presents an extensive selection of photographic documentation from the buccaneering series. Paul McCarthy’s ‘Disney Doo Down the Hole Death Caribbean Pirates’ is filled with tumbling utterances, emphasising the action and contemporaneity of performance through the phonetic potential of language. As Welchman iterates, ‘Activating his grocery items as tools, lubricants, and props, McCarthy’s sexually schizophrenic persona engaged for almost an hour in dysfunctional bouts of mannered and aggressive autoeroticism inside a decrepit skid-row hotel room.’
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© Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy
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© Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy

‘Catching Mayhem by Its Tail’
by John C. Welchman

Caribbean Pirates is staged as a visceral exploration of ‘men on ships, alone,’ interspersed with seething correlates transacted on shifting strips of terra firma. Completed in 2005, at the beginning of George W. Bush’s second presidential term—and in the shadow of the war in Iraq launched two years earlier—the work allegorizes the destruction, plunder, and collateral damage of power at arms, and ironizes the rationales and justifications of remote violence. Another of its multiple valences was prompted by a resurgence of nautical topicality around the turn of the twenty-first century: piracy off the Horn of Africa and in the Strait of Malacca; oil spills from tankers and ocean-drilling platforms; and new waves of perilous seaborne migration, especially from North Africa to Europe. One of several contemporary artists who took up with what I have described in another context as the ‘marine core,’ Paul McCarthy has interests dating back to the mid-1970s that connect with other strands of maritime adventurism, including the work of Bas Jan Ader (and his tragic end at sea) and the web of nautical imagery in the work of historical avant-garde artists such as Vladimir Tatlin and Pablo Picasso. While Picasso’s study for a sex-seeking sailor was finally ushered off the stage of the brothel scene represented in ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’ (1907), it is clear from the hectic libidinal discharge of the McCarthys’ Caribbean Pirates that the erotic urge and motivational latency of this iconic seafaring figure have not been forgotten.

© Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy
© Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy
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© Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy
© Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy

Disney Doo Down the Hole Death Caribbean Pirates, 2007–2017
by Paul McCarthy

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An extensive selection of preparatory drawings, set photography and documentation of performances, alongside full texts by Paul McCarthy, Damon McCarthy, and John C. Welchman, are found in ‘Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy: Caribbean Pirates’, now available from Hauser & Wirth Publishers.

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