Hauser & Wirth exists to cultivate a better future for our artists. That means doing all we can to protect the future of the environment, our communities, and the art industry.


As one of the few galleries that operates beyond city centers, we have a long-standing history of restoration, localism, and conservation. We have embarked on a gallery-wide environmental sustainability plan to reduce emissions by 50% before 2030, carbon budgets for each exhibition and fair to improve transparency, and a program of carbon donations.

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Greener Galleries

Learn more about how we are changing the way we work to minimize our impact on the planet.

Carbon Donations

Where we cannot reduce emissions, we are building a program of carbon offsets, sequestering, and donations.
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We have a longstanding history of partnerships across biodiversity, reforestation and food security.


For almost three decades we have gone beyond traditional philanthropy, operating long-term programs and partnerships focused on schools and communities, higher education, and careers in the arts. These partnerships are directed by individual gallery locations, shaped by the local community and environment in which they operate, allowing our galleries to act as catalysts for change on a local level.

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Art Careers

A career in the arts should be an option for everyone which is why we are investing in more entry-level opportunities and diversity partnerships.

Higher Education

Our support for Higher Education is built on two of our core values; promoting scholarship and widening access to careers in the arts.
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Schools & Community

Access to schools and community groups has always been central to how we shape gallery programming, allowing the spaces and exhibitions to become...


We have a responsibility as custodians of artists’ legacies to preserve access to the arts for the next generation. That is why we have a comprehensive program of funding arts scholarship and museum support. Similarly, we are uniquely positioned as a gallery to leverage the power of art fundraising platforms for the causes most meaningful to our artists and communities.



The Hauser & Wirth Institute is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) private operating foundation dedicated to supporting art historical...

Museum Support

We are committed to playing an active role within the arts communities in each of our gallery locations. Read more about how we brought together...


How we support our artists in leveraging art’s unique power as a force for change and fundraising platform for the causes most meaningful to them.