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Larry Bell, Untitled (Cube 12"), 1964. © Larry Bell. Courtesy Hall Collection. Photo- Sylvia Ros

Larry Bell
Time Machines

ICA Miami
Miami FL, USA

BELL 84654 view3 BU.tif

Larry Bell
Hocus, Focus and 12

The Harwood Museum of Art
Taos, USA

The exhibition is guest-curated by noted photographer Gus Foster, a longtime friend and collaborator of the artist – they have shared adjoining studios in Taos since 1976. Foster and Bell have selected work from Bell’s Taos studio and from the seventy-four works by the artist in the Harwood Collection.

Larry Bell
Aspen Blues

Aspen Art Museum
Aspen, USA

Emerging in the mid-1960s during the rise of Minimalism, Larry Bell is a pioneer of Perceptualism and has long been associated with the West Coast Light and Space artists.