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13 Dec 2019 – 27 Sep 2020

Larry Bell
Cubic Propositions

Harwood Museum of Art
Taos NM, USA

On the occasion of Larry Bell’s eightieth birthday, the Harwood Museum presents a few examples of a prominent theme in his body of work: the cube. From the moment he entered the studio in 1959 and continuing through the present day, the cube has been a means to explore light, space and surface.
Larry Bell, Untitled (Cube 12"), 1964. © Larry Bell. Courtesy Hall Collection. Photo- Sylvia Ros

1 Nov 2018 – 10 Mar 2019

Larry Bell
Time Machines

ICA Miami
Miami FL, USA

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9 Jun – 7 Oct 2018

Larry Bell
Hocus, Focus and 12

The Harwood Museum of Art
Taos, USA

The exhibition is guest-curated by noted photographer Gus Foster, a longtime friend and collaborator of the artist – they have shared adjoining studios in Taos since 1976. Foster and Bell have selected work from Bell’s Taos studio and from the seventy-four works by the artist in the Harwood Collection.

1 Jun – 16 Dec 2018

Larry Bell
Aspen Blues

Aspen Art Museum
Aspen, USA

Emerging in the mid-1960s during the rise of Minimalism, Larry Bell is a pioneer of Perceptualism and has long been associated with the West Coast Light and Space artists.