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Museum Exhibitions


KHER 96141 Talisman for September

Bharti Kher
A Consummate Joy

Irish Museum of Modern Art
Dublin, Ireland

KHER 76537 The Chimera (1)

Bharti Kher

Centre Pasqu'Art
Biel, Switzerland

In opening up mythologies and various associations of objects, Bharti Kher (* 1969, IN) explores the inherent history of objects. In her painting, sculpture and installation, she often incorporates bindis (Indian fashion accessory, symbolizing the third eye and used by Kher as a sign of gender).

Bharti Kher
Points de départ, points qui lient

Montreal, Canada

Bharti Kher is known internationally for her signature use of the bindi in works across painting and sculpture. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘bindu’—meaning point, drop, dot or small particle—and rooted in ritual and philosophical traditions, the bindi is a dot applied to the centre of the forehead as a representation of a...
KHER 51124 The Messenger

Bharti Kher

Grunwald Gallery of Art
Bloomington IN, USA

The Grunwald Gallery at Indiana University is pleased to present ‘Messengers,’ an exhibition of paintings, sculpture and works on paper by internationally known artist Bharti Kher (b. 1969, London, UK). One of India’s most prominent contemporary artists, Bharti Kher uses the “medium” of traditional and sperm-shaped bindis in her...