Hauser & Wirth Publishers Headquarters

Hauser & Wirth Publishers Headquarters

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Rämistrasse 5
8001 Zurich
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Monday – Friday, 10 am – 6 pm

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Opening in June 2019, Hauser and Wirth Publishers’ new headquarters in Zurich features a publisher’s bookshop that joins its counterparts in New York and London – shops that serve as local hubs for communities and artists. A multifaceted space, the headquarters functions primarily as a bookshop where visitors can engage with the full range of Hauser & Wirth Publishers titles, as well as a hub for research and scholarship, housing the Zurich component of the imprint’s international editorial team led by Dr. Michaela Unterdörfer, who has helmed Hauser & Wirth Publishers since 2005.

Located at Rämistrasse 5, in the heart of Zurich’s cultural district, the Hauser & Wirth Publishers headquarters occupies the former home of Emil and Emmie Oprecht’s eponymous publishing house and bookstore – both founded in 1925 – and the Europa Verlag imprint, established by the couple in 1933. Specializing in the publication of political writings of emigrant authors living in exile, Europa Verlag collaborated with titans of literature, philosophy, critical theory, and design – including Ernst Bloch and Thomas Mann – many of whom regularly gathered at the publishing house.

The headquarters is surrounded by renowned establishments that include Zürich’s Schauspielhaus, Kunsthaus, Opera House, Kronenhalle, Café Odeon, and Corso, which have hosted an international community of artists and intellectuals, such as Hans Arp and James Joyce, for more than a century. The storied history of the building and its role in the trajectory of publishing makes it a natural fit as the new home of Hauser & Wirth Publishers and continues the gallery’s enduring interest in revitalizing historic architecture, giving a new lease of life to cultural spaces that invigorate surrounding communities.



With offices in New York City, Zurich, and London, Hauser & Wirth Publishers’ activity has steadily flourished since its early years when it frequently cooperated with reputable imprints such as Hatje Cantz, JRP|Ringier, Snoeck, Steidl, Thames & Hudson, and Yale University Press to conceptualize, develop, and produce original, in-depth scholarship that gives thoughtful insight into featured art objects.

Titles from the Hauser and Wirth Publishers program can be found at each of Hauser & Wirth’s gallery locations. Hauser and Wirth Publishers’ newly opened headquarters in Zurich features a publisher’s bookshop that joins its counterparts in New York and London – shops that also serve as local hubs for communities and artists, where the gallery presents a range of public programming.


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