Gallery Exhibitions

Verena Loewensberg. Kind of Blue

21 February – 27 April 2024

Born in 1912, Swiss artist Verena Loewensberg was a leading figure of the influential Zurich school of concrete artists. The only female member of the group, which also included Max Bill, Camille Graeser...

The Flesh of the Earth. Curated by Enuma Okoro

1 February – 6 April 2024

Curated by Enuma Okoro, ‘The Flesh of the Earth’ encourages us all to consider ways of decentering ourselves from the prevalent anthropocentric narrative, to reimagine a more intimate relationship with...

Cathy Josefowitz


1 February – 17 May 2024

Zurich, Limmatstrasse

New York-born, Swiss-raised artist Cathy Josefowitz (1956 – 2014) created a wide-ranging oeuvre spanning drawing and painting, performance and dance. The breadth of her creative output is on view in a...

David Smith

David Smith, Late Sculptures

1 February – 13 April 2024

New York, 22nd Street

‘David Smith’s sculptures are—big or small, figurative or abstract—very complete, very attentive to your presence. They’re generous; they have no boring views. Circle them as you may, they are never napping....


Darling sweetie, sweetie darling

30 January – 30 March 2024


Uman’s first exhibition with Hauser & Wirth takes place in London, in equal partnership with Nicola Vassell Gallery, New York NY. An intuitive artist and voracious autodidact, Uman draws upon her memories...

Present Tense

27 January – 28 April 2024


‘Present Tense’ spotlights the next generation of artists living and working in the UK, from emerging to mid-career, celebrating a breadth of creative talent and socially engaged practices. The multifaceted...

Takesada Matsutani / Kate Van Houten

Paris Prints 1967-1978

25 January – 9 March 2024

New York, 18th Street

Lifelong partners in art and life, Takesada Matsutani and Kate Van Houten first met in 1967 while working at Atelier 17, the celebrated print studio established in Paris by Stanley William Hayter. Beginning...

Zhang Enli


24 January – 9 March 2024

Hong Kong

‘Sometimes, the obscured object also creates a trace with the passing of time. This is the origin of my recent abstract paintings. When I look at a wall, or sky, it is full of traces, and then I name these...

Hélène Delprat


20 January – 16 March 2024


‘I like things that are rugged, in discord, a bit monstrous or extravagant.’...

Cindy Sherman

18 January – 16 March 2024

New York, Wooster Street

‘When I’m shooting, I’m trying to get to a point where I’m basically not recognizing myself. That’s often what it’s about.’—Cindy Sherman ...

Gerhard Richter


16 December 2023 – 13 April 2024

St. Moritz

Curated by Dieter Schwarz and presented across three venues in the Upper Engadin—Nietzsche-Haus, the Segantini Museum and Hauser & Wirth St. Moritz—this momentous exhibition is the first to explore Gerhard Richter’s...

Fausto Melotti


13 December 2023 – 23 March 2024

Zurich, Bahnhofstrasse

On view at Hauser & Wirth Zurich, Bahnhofstrasse, ‘Fausto Melotti. Jewelry’ is the first comprehensive survey of the Italian artist’s jewelry oeuvre. Organized in collaboration with the Melotti Foundation,...

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