Hauser & Wirth Exhibitions


A Luta Continua. The Sylvio Perlstein Collection

New York, 22nd Street

Unfolding across all three floors of Hauser & Wirth’s 22nd Street location, ‘A Luta Continua’ is the first United States presentation of the Sylvio Perlstein Collection. Over the course of more than five decades, Perlstein has assembled an intensely personal collection rooted in a passion for the work of groundbreaking artists; a commitment to...
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Pintando un ¢xido. Foto Hans Spinner
CHILL87058 Lurra 27
Eduardo Chillida

New York, 69th Street

The bird is one of the signs of space, each one of Chillida’s sculptures represents, much like the bird, a sign of space; each one of them says a different thing: the iron says wind, the wood says song, the alabaster says light yet they all say the same thing: space. A rumor of limits, a coarse song; the wind, an ancient name of the spirit,...
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MANON87711 The Salmon-Colored Boudoir
SUTVI87772 171009_Karma_ReproIsler_VivianSuter015.tif
TINGU60555 RP140721_6of9
Spiegelgasse (Mirror Alley)
Curated by Gianni Jetzer


Referring to the address of Cabaret Voltaire – the birthplace of Dada in Zurich, Switzerland – ‘Spiegelgasse (Mirror Alley)’ presents the works of Swiss artists from the 1930s to the present day and is curated by Gianni Jetzer. Taking historiographical cues from the literal translation of the street name, the exhibition tracks art history not...
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SANDE80683 / VI/42/2; 59.1016.GUS
August Sander
Men Without Masks


Hauser & Wirth is delighted to present ‘August Sander. Men Without Masks’, an exhibition dedicated to the late German photographer, a forefather of conceptual art and pioneering documentarian of human diversity. Over the course of a career spanning six decades and tens of thousands of negatives, August Sander created a nuanced sociological...
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Untitled, c. 1955
Alexander Calder
From the Stony River to the Sky


Hauser & Wirth Somerset is proud to present a major solo exhibition of works by Alexander Calder (1898 – 1976), the majority of which have never before been exhibited in the UK. Calder was one of the most influential and pioneering artists of the twentieth century, transforming the very nature of sculpture by introducing the fourth dimension...
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GUSTO82039 Crp GH.tif
GUSTO87443 Crp GH.tif
GUSTO72904 Above and Below
Philip Guston
A Painter's Forms, 1950 – 1979

Hong Kong

Hauser & Wirth Hong Kong is pleased to present an exhibition of works by American artist Philip Guston, one of the great luminaries of twentieth-century art. Guston’s legendary career spanned a half century, from 1930 to 1980. He was widely recognized as a pioneer of Abstract Expressionism before an unexpected return to figuration in the...
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DUBUF84794 BU.tif
Jean Dubuffet and the City


Hauser & Wirth Zürich is delighted to present ‘Jean Dubuffet and the City’, an exhibition dedicated to the seminal post-war European painter and sculptor, and his lifelong fascination with urban space. Curated by Dubuffet specialist Dr Sophie Berrebi, with the Fondation Dubuffet contributing research advice, this is the first presentation that...
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HORN 86511
HORN 81606 RH 5111
HORN 84521
HORN 85903
Roni Horn
Wits’ End Sampler | Recent Drawings


‘The drawings are something I’ve carried on over decades, and they form a kind of breathing activity on a daily level…When I looked up the word ‘draw’ in the dictionary, I found that there were twenty-two definitions, one of which was to delineate with lines. The other twenty-one definitions are all dialectic activities, to metamorphose, to...
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