Matthew Day Jackson Still Life and the Reclining Nude

1 Mar – 28 Apr 2018, Hauser & Wirth London

Opening: Wednesday 28 February 2018, 6 – 8 pm

Hauser & Wirth London is delighted to present Matthew Day Jackson’s upcoming exhibition ‘Still Life and the Reclining Nude’. The artist’s interdisciplinary practice explores a myriad of aspects of human experience and draws from sources that reveal both our intrinsic inventiveness and its counter-point, our ongoing capacity for destruction.

The exhibition will feature an entirely new series of still life paintings and bronze sculpture. Utilising the conventions of the still life and the reclining nude figure in combination with a precise use of material and form, Jackson critiques these traditions, their cultural placement and his own authorship in relationship to these ways of working. The ‘paintings’ are made with artificial and human-made materials such as formica, plywood and epoxy, and are direct representations of Jan Brueghel the Elder’s and Younger’s genre defining series of flower paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries, made during a time of colonial expansion and exploitation. If Breughel’s paintings are a celebration of nature as a divine gift to humanity, Jackson presents an alternative to this view since for the artist, ‘each work is a meditation on exploration, the past found in the present, and is a critical discourse of technology and our persistent tendencies to open Pandora’s Box.’