Monika Sosnowska Structural Exercises

1 Dec 2017 – 10 Feb 2018, Hauser & Wirth London

Opening: Thursday 30 November 2017, 6 – 8 pm

Hauser & Wirth is delighted to announce a solo presentation of all new work by Polish artist Monika Sosnowska. This is Sosnowska’s inaugural exhibition in the gallery’s London space and is the first major project she has staged in the city since ‘reconfigured’ at The Serpentine Gallery in 2004.

Tweaking and torqing the formal minimalist idiom, Sosnowska conjoins architecture and sculpture to explore the poetics and politics of space. She builds forms in response to specific sites, then manipulates them – collapsing, twisting and squeezing her work into alternate settings, creating labyrinths and optical illusions, birthing parasitic structures in ways that alter not only our perceptions of the physical areas around us but of psychological states within. Highlighting the banality of the material world we inhabit, Sosnowksa recalls the cultural conceits that produced buildings and their details, often those of the failed utopia of People’s Poland.