Anj Smith


‘I love the idea that painting, pointless technologically, can still hypnotise and seduce us. For me, this is where the uniquely profound nature of painting is located, as no other medium offers this specific legacy. Its multiple deaths, resuscitations and evolutions make it especially apt in negotiating the great global & personal uncertainties of now. This difficult, baggage-ridden, faltering yet essentially surviving medium enables me to excavate often-overlooked art histories. These then filter down, combining with my lived experiences to form the layers of the work. Painting can facilitate the complexity of all of this, allowing me to explore the very edges of representation.’

Anj Smith’s intricately rendered paintings explore issues of identity, eroticism, mortality, and fragility. Within her remarkably detailed works, wildly feral landscapes, ambiguous figures, textiles, and rare and exotic flora and fauna are used, to investigate the possibility of a contemporary sublime. Drawing upon sources as disparate as the works of Lucas Cranach, and the couture of Madam Grès (as examples), Smith weaves archaic traditions and contemporary signs together into a personal cosmology. In Smith’s luscious visual language she embraces the instability of meaning, exploring shifting boundaries, disintegration and the liminal. Her paintings are rich in detail, color and texture, collapsing strict definitions of portraiture, landscape and still-life whilst allowing elements of each to coexist.

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  • Born
    Kent, England, 1978
  • Education

    BA Fine Art (Painting), Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, England, 2002
    Postgraduate Diploma, Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London, England, 2003
    MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London, England, 2005

  • Resides
    Lives and works in London, England

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2018
    Sara Hildén Art Museum, Tampere, Finland
    Hauser & Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2015
    Hauser & Wirth, 'Phosphor on the Palms', London, England
  • 2013
    Hauser & Wirth, 'The Flowering of Phantoms', New York NY
  • 2012
    Galerie Isa, 'Woods Without Pathways', Mumbai, India
  • 2011
    IBID PROJECTS, 'States of Fragility', London, England
  • 2010
    Hauser & Wirth, 'Geometry of Bliss', New York NY
  • 2007
    Nyehaus, 'Paintings', New York NY
  • 2006
    IBID PROJECTS, 'Feral Demosphere', London, England
    Rental Gallery, 'Anj Smith & IBID PROJECTS LA', Los Angeles CA
  • 2005
    IBID PROJECTS, 'Disco Substratum', Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2004
    IBID PROJECTS, 'The Megalography of Cuteness', London, England
    BUAG, 'Anj Smith', Bangkok, Thailand
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Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2018
    Museum Morsbroich, ‘The Pliable Plan. Rococo in Contemporary Art’, Leverkusen, Germany
    Hauser & Wirth Somerset, 'The Land We Live In – The Land We Left Behind', Somerset, England
  • 2017
    Hauser & Wirth Zürich, 'Salon', Zürich, Switzerland
    Fondazione Stelline, 'The New Frontiers of Painting', Milan, Italy
    Wilkinson, 'A Landscape', London, England
  • 2016
    The Nunnery Gallery, '2016 Bow Open Show: curated by Anj Smith', London, England
    Marc Straus, 'If only Bella Abzug were here', New York NY
    Museum Arnhem, 'Queensize. Female Artists from the Olbricht Collection', Arnhem, Netherlands (Travelling Exhibition)
    me Collectors Room Berlin, 'Queensize. Female Artists from the Olbricht Collection', Berlin, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)
  • 2015
    The David Roberts Art Foundation, 'The Violet Crab At Draf', London, England
    The College, Central St Martins, ‘A Beautiful Darkness: curated by Nick Knight', London, England
    Sir John Soane’s Museum, 'Inspired by Soane: I found this and thought of you', London, England
  • 2014
    SHOWstudio, 'SHOWcabinet: curated by Anj Smith’, London, England
    Newlyn Art Gallery, '3am: wonder, paranoia and the restless night', Cornwall, England
    (Travelling Exhibition)
    Ferens Art Gallery, '3am: wonder, paranoia and the restless night', Hull, England (Travelling Exhibition)
  • 2013
    The Bluecoat, '3am: wonder, paranoia and the restless night', Liverpool, England (Travelling Exhibition)
    Chapter, '3am: wonder, paranoia and the restless night', Cardiff, England
    (Travelling Exhibition)
  • 2012
    Anthony Reynolds Gallery, 'The Curator's Egg Altera Pars', London, England
    Attingham Park, 'House of Beasts', Shrewsbury, England
    Villa Jauss, 'Überall und nigends. Werke aus der Sammlung Reydan Weiss', Oberstdorf, Germany
  • 2011
    La Maison Rouge, 'Memories of the Future, the Olbricht Collection', Paris, France
    SHOWstudio, 'In Your Face', London, England
    Marianne Boesky Gallery, 'Night Scented Stock', New York NY
    Villa Tokyo, 'Night Scented Stock', Tokyo, Japan
    Meadow Arts, 'House of Beasts', Attingham Park, Shrewsbury, England
    Alison Jacques Gallery, 'Among Flesh', London, England
    IBID PROJECTS, 'Group Show', London, England
    Villa Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2010
    me Collector's Room, 'The Wunderkammer', Berlin, Germany
    Kunsthalle Krems, 'Lebenslust und Totentanz', Krems, Austria
  • 2009
    'Remap2,' Athens, Greece
    Marianne Boesky Gallery, 'Your Gold Teeth II', New York NY
  • 2008
    IBID PROJECTS (Hoxton Sq), 'Group Show', London, England
    CCA Andratx, 'M25 Around London', Mallorca, Spain
    KMA Knoxville Museum of Art, 'Size Matters: XS – Recent Small-Scale Painting', Knoxville TN (Travelling Exhibition)
    Neues Museum Weserberg Bremen, 'Doktors Traum', Bremen, Germany
    Blondeau Fine Art Services, 'In Geneva No One Can Hear You Scream', Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2007
    Project Space 176, 'An Archeology', London, England
    HVCCA Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, 'Size Matters: XS - Recent Small-Scale Paintings', Peekskill NY (Travelling Exhibition) Hauser & Wirth Colnaghi, 'Old School', London, England
    Palais Enzenberg, 'The Teardrop Explodes', Schwaz, Austria
    Thomas Dane Gallery, 'Very Abstract and Hyper Figurative', London, England
    Allston Skirt Gallery, 'Love in a Cold Climate', Boston MA
    Zabludowicz Collection, 'An Archaeology', London, England
  • 2006
    Grieder Contemporary, 'Kaminzimmer', Kuesnacht, Switzerland
    Witte de With, 'Don Quijote', Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Robert Miller Gallery, 'Opterracuna', New York NY
    Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, 'Only the Paranoid Survive', Peekskill NY
  • 2005
    Galleria Zero,'Jaybird', Milan, Italy
    Hauser & Wirth Zürich, 'London In Zurich', Zurich, Switzerland
    Sartorial Contemporary Art, 'Dolore', London, England
    Vamiali Gallery, 'Sunset in Athens', Athens, Greece
  • 2004
    Cooper Gallery, 'Life Of a Commercial Gallery – IBID PROJECTS', Dundee, England
    FA Projects, 'EXS An Invitational Exhibition', London, England
    Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, 'The Analysis of Beauty', Sunderland, England
    Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, 'Transmogrifications', London, England
  • 2003
    OLS & Co., 'Nth Exhibit 001', London, England
    IBID PROJECTS, 'Someplace Unreachable', London, England
    Tate Britain, 'The Golden Resistance', London, England
    Nerd, Electricity Showrooms, 'Thriller', London, England
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Awards and Grants

  • 2004
    Residency and Solo Exhibition, BUAG, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2002
    Arts and Humanities Research Board Award, England
  • 2001
    The Pocock School Exchange competition to New York NY
  • 2000
    The Slade School of Fine Art Exchange competition to New York NY
  • 1999
    Wykeham Painting Prize, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, England
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