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Art Basel

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Hauser & Wirth presents premiere works from our roster of artists, estates and the most eminent private collections worldwide at Art Basel this June. Highlights from the presentation include a phenomenal painting by American master Philip Guston titled ‘The Visit’ (1955), made during the artist’s Abstract Expressionist period; an intricate 2001 tapestry work by Louise Bourgeois composing of a totem-like column; and a seminal 1965 painting by Eva Hesse that proved to be a gateway into her sculptural practice. Positioned against these masterpieces are a number of extraordinary works by artists new to the Hauser & Wirth program – a lamp work by Polish artist Alina Szapocznikow and a recent painting by Zeng Fanzhi
The Unlimited sector includes major, large-scale sculptures and installations from four artists: Dan Graham, Guillermo Kuitca, Rashid Johnson and Lygia PapeBlurring the line between art and architecture, Dan Graham’s ‘S-Curve for St. Gallen’ (2001) is comprised of steel, mirror, and glass to create diverse optical effects. Guillermo Kuitca’s room-like construction, ‘Untitled’ (2014) engages the tension between the intersection of space and the materiality of his painting. Rashid Johnson presents ‘Antoine’s Organ’ (2016), his largest grid installation to date, which injects a sprawling, heterogeneous ecosystem into a rigid armature of black steel scaffolding. ‘Ttéia 1, B’ (2000 / 2018) by Lygia Pape is constructed by the geometric installation of threads in space, delineating volumes to achieving a visually powerful effect of the indefinable and the immaterial. As part of Parcours, Pierre Huyghe’s extensive installation ‘Exomind (Deep Water)’ (2017) puts forth elements which are both living and inanimate, chaotic and confined; with various flora and fauna composing of the environment, the centerpiece is a concrete cast of a Japanese sculpture. 

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