Viewing Room

Viewing Room

Louise Bourgeois

The Couple

Articulated by recurrent motifs, personal symbolism and psychological release, the conceptual and stylistic complexity of Louise Bourgeois’ oeuvre is deeply affecting. While the artist’s visual imagery...

Avery Singer

Expressionism (study)

Earlier this year, Avery Singer began creating a digitalized universe in which she is able to reconstruct and redefine the traditional modes of representation and painterly expressionism. In her fastidiously...

Henry Moore

Reclining Figure

Evoking gestations of the natural world through an elegant intertwining of solids and voids, nested forms, ovoid shapes, and curvatures, Henry Moore’s ‘Reclining Figure’ (1945) exudes a sense of warmth...

John Chamberlain


Intimately sized and striking in character, John Chamberlain’s ‘SUPERSTARMARTINI’ (1999) is an outstanding example of the artist’s innovative and adventurous sculptural practice. Here, an assemblage of...

Alexander Calder

Slender Legs

A master of many materials and techniques, Alexander Calder created a diverse body of work that represents a career-long interest in voids and volumes. Calder’s experience as an artist with a direct and...

Philip Guston


In the late 1960s, Philip Guston created some of the most influential paintings of twentieth century American art. A quintessential example from this seminal body of works, ‘Untitled’ (1969) marks a turning...

David Smith

(Study for Agricola I)

A pivotal work in David Smith’s oeuvre, ‘Untitled (Study for Agricola I)’ (1951) is the precursor to the seminal ‘Agricola’ series, the artist’s first major group of sculpture. Created between 1951 and...

Arshile Gorky

Blue Figure in Chair

Arshile Gorky’s exceptional ‘Blue Figure in Chair’ (c. 1934 – 1935) embodies the artist’s ingenious synthesis of disparate influences to create radically new paintings that would change the course of American...

Dieter Roth

(Double Self-portrait)

A rare painting, once in the prominent Theo and Elsa Hotz Collection, ‘Doppel-Selbstbildnis (Double Self-portrait)’ reveals an important dialogue between Dieter Roth’s work from the 1970s and his wider...

Mike Kelley

Ectoplasm Photographs

A driving force of contemporary art, Mike Kelley produced a multifaceted oeuvre during his four-decade long career that included, but was not limited to, photography, painting, sculpture, video, performance,...

Amy Sherald

The Fairest of The Not So Fair

‘The Fairest of the Not So Fair’ (2008) is a portrait of remarkable intensity. Striking in scale and standing over six and a half feet tall, this transfixing work is a testament to the superlative power...

Louise Bourgeois


Born in 1911, Louise Bourgeois produced a rich and multifaceted oeuvre over her seven-decade career. Using the body as a primary form, she explored the full range of human experience in a variety of mediums,...

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