Introducing The Edge of Reason Podcast

10 November 2023

At the Crossroads of artistic insight and intellectual curiosity, we find The Edge of Reason—a new limited podcast produced in partnership with Atlantic Re:think. Hosted by Jeff Chang, gallery artists including Allison Katz, Nicolas Party, Christina Quarles, Thomas J Price, Pipilotti Rist, Lorna Simpson sit down to discuss the centuries-old enlightenment principles that inspire their work.

Jeff Chang stands as a luminary in contemporary discourse with a keen eye for art’s profound influence on culture. Author of the critically acclaimed ‘Who We Be’ and the American Book Award-winning Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Jeff’s writings seamlessly weave visual culture with pressing societal topics such as race and identity. Beyond the page, he has a natural ability to engage his guests in insightful dialogues that navigate the intricate crossroads of art and society.

‘There’s a lot of discipline that has to happen to be free about your thinking’—Allison Katz

Reason | Allison Katz

In the first episode of the series, psychoanalust and poet, Nuar Alsadir speaks with Allison Katz, whose diverse images probe the often contradictory nature of identity, memory and meaning.

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Humanism | Nicolas Party

Nicolas Party and researcher Thomas Moynihan explore their mutual interest in human agency, the arbitrary circumstances of planetary civilization—and dinosaurs!

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Individualism | Christina Quarles

Christina Quarles and Xicana writer Cherríe Moraga navigate the conundrum of individual identity, revealing the profound intersections and deviations that shape our understanding of who we are.

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Progress | Thomas J Price

Thomas J Price and renowned scholar Steven Pinker discuss the challenges of defining human advancement and the importance of measuring both tangible and intangible progress.

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Inquiry | Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist and curator Anna Katz unearth the dynamic relationship between nature, technology, and the human experience.

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Liberty | Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson and poet and scholar Dr. Elizabeth Alexander examine the nuances of liberty—the principle at the cornerstone of Enlightenment thinking.

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