Objects of Contemplation

10 May – 2 June 2024

Wednesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm



‘Objects of Contemplation’ celebrates over five years of collaborative exhibitions with artist-makers from across the UK and overseas, spanning disciplines from wood to ceramic, glass, metal, stone and mixed medium. Originally presented in Somerset, the London iteration of the show continues to demonstrate Make Hauser & Wirth’s commitment to contemporary craft and, above all, to the many exceptional individuals who have been at the core of the program since its inception. Curated in dialogue with each other, the 19 featured artist-makers present singular works that exemplify their current practice, characterized by the unique relationship between material and maker, anchored by process and the language of form.

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About the Makers

Peter Bauhuis
Peter Bauhuis is fascinated by the possibilities presented by the process of casting and melting metals. Playfully engaging with controlled chance, his vessels are characterized by the unexpected effects created by fusing different alloys and playing with oxidation. Apparent mistakes, such as fine lines or cracks and visible traces left by the casting process, are not removed but integrated into the form of the objects. The result is a remarkable lightness and a reinvention of forms. Embracing these different approaches, his technique of simultaneous metal pouring allows him to arrive at a complex oeuvre that expresses an intrinsic curiosity. His work is held in numerous public collections, including the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia; the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK; Die Neue Sammlung, Munich, Germany; Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany; Alice and Louis Koch Collection, Basel, Switzerland; Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, Germany; Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris, France; and National Museum, Oslo, Norway. Bauhuis’s previous exhibitions include ‘Twenty,’ Galerie S O, Solothurn, Switzerland (2023) and ‘Jürg Hugentobler Inside,’ Galerie S O, Solothurn, Switzerland (2022). Bauhuis was a Loewe Craft Prize Finalist in 2020.

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