Natural Practice

2 December 2023 – 18 February 2024

Wednesday – Sunday

Make, Somerset

10 am – 4 pm

Over the course of 2023, Katie Spragg has immersed herself in a multi-site residency, traveling from Braemar, Scotland to Hauser & Wirth Menorca and concluding at Hauser & Wirth Somerset. Throughout this year-long project, the focus of Spragg’s ceramic practice has been as much about gathering, observation and investigation as producing the finished sculptures for the exhibition. Reflecting on her creative process, she considers how her artworks are themselves works in progress, markers in time along the way to the next idea or outcome. The accumulations of the three residency and research trips—plants, pottery fragments, drawings, stones, photographs and the resulting ceramic ‘tests’—have occupied and enriched both her studio and thinking.

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About Katie Spragg
Katie Spragg is an artist working predominantly in ceramics. Her work explores our interconnected relationship with nature, questioning the evolving patterns in which humans and plants co-exist. She is interested in how plants behave and how their behaviour can help us reconsider our own approach to communities, care, landscape and our place in the world. Spragg often creates work in response to participation of other people. Her recent projects include: ‘Lambeth Wilds’ (2019 – 2020) at the Garden Museum, created with Lambeth Young Carers and Clay for Dementia Group; ‘Plants, Porcelain People’ (2021), a collaborative exhibition with Norwich International Youth Project; and ‘Sowing the Seed’ (2022), workshops for children at a community allotment, in partnership with GROW Eastbourne and Towner Gallery, which was nominated for a HAF government award.

Spragg’s catalogue of work includes a piece in the Victoria & Albert Museum Collection, a permanent installation at the Garden Museum and commissions for the British Ceramics Biennale and Sotheby’s. She has exhibited with the Craft Council in London, UK and Miami FL (2017), at Make Hauser & Wirth (2018, 2020 and 2022), as well as solo shows at Blackwell, Arts and Crafts House (2018), Garden Museum (2018) and Pi Artworks (2019). Spragg is a tutor in the Ceramics & Glass department at the Royal College of Art and a founding member of Collective Matter, an outreach group pioneering collaborative practice through clay.

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