Antonia Showering

Present Tense

27 January – 28 April 2024


About the Artist

Antonia Showering is British figurative painter who lives and works in London, UK. Showering is known for her enigmatic, psychologically fraught paintings, with single or coupled subjects set against hazy mountain ranges or in scenes of aqueous, ambiguous domesticity. Showering’s figures seem to slide in and out of their surroundings, while specific elements—rolling hills, mountains or lakes in a landscape, or pieces of furniture—collapse into fluid pools of paint. These areas of abstraction, which seem on the verge of shifting into other forms, nod to the ever-shifting realities of subjectivity, memory, imagination and desire.

Using a rich palette of marigold, amber, carmine and plum, Showering works from abstraction back toward figuration by allowing a base layer of paint to pool in configurations dictated by gravity. She then paints back into the compositions that present themselves, in a process that recalls the automatic-drawing and chance-based systems of Surrealism. The result of numerous translucent washes of oil, which hover on the surface of her paper and linen supports, Showering’s bodies are nonetheless eerily fleshy and alive.

Showering‘s solo exhibitions include: ‘Antonia Showering: Mixed Emotion,’ Timothy Taylor, London, UK (2022) and ‘Introductions | Antonia Showering,’ White Cube, London, UK (2020). Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Birdsong,’ Timothy Taylor, London, UK (2023); ‘Dreaming of Eden,’ Timothy Taylor, New York NY (2023); ‘In New York, Thinking of You (Part II),’ The FLAG Art Foundation, New York NY (2023); ‘Papertrail, Matthew Brown,’ Los Angeles CA (2023); and ‘UNI[2]ON,’ Union Gallery, London, UK (2023).

In 2018, a breakout year for the artist, Showering was the recipient of the New Contemporaries x SPACE Studio Bursary Award and the Henry Tonks Award. 

On View in Somerset

‘Present Tense’ is on view through 28 April 2024.