Our active learning programs create a dialogue between art, artists and a diverse audience with a focus on first-hand experience. Ongoing global projects are centered on three core pillars: to engage with communities; to enrich academic programs; and to foster better access to art careers through a series of meaningful partnerships.

Learning Events

Hauser & Wirth events seek to inspire creativity and passion for art, nature, food, sustainability, conservation, and architecture. Exhibitions are accompanied by a series of lectures, interactive seminars, maker workshops, family activities, and film screenings developed for a variety of ages and audiences. Hauser & Wirth welcomes international visitors, community partners, local residents, school groups, and families to engage with modern and contemporary art through a range of activities and special events.

Education Labs

The Education Lab is part of Hauser & Wirth’s global learning platform that runs our projects for individuals, schools, students, special interest groups and families through a series of meaningful partnerships. Located in Menorca, Somerset and Los Angeles, each Education Lab is a collaboration with a local school or university.


Many of our exhibitions are accompanied by free resources for teachers and learners. Please see our location pages for more information on how to arrange group visits.

We also have a number of free online resources designed to support gallery visits and to facilitate dialogue and discussions around Hauser & Wirth’s artists, exhibitions and events.

‘At the heart of our education programme are the gallery artists and exhibitions. Our ambitious programme is concerned with ensuring that such high quality art can be shared with as wide an audience as possible; all ages, backgrounds and intellectual abilities deserve the opportunity to engage actively with the creation of art.’

Manuela Wirth, Hauser & Wirth Co-President


Our galleries provide an exciting space to share international art of quality and ambition with learners of all ages. Local artists and creatives are widely engaged with our learning programmes including activities, workshops and talks.

We also collaborate with many cultural organisations and non-profits; sharing ideas and exhibition resources to bring an expanded learning program and embed the gallery in each of its local communities.

Arthaus: Hauser & Wirth Somerset’s Youth Group

Arthaus is Hauser & Wirth Somerset’s Youth group for 15 – 19 year olds who are interested in art and architecture. Past activities have included action painting with artist Martin Creed, a group visit to the Tate Modern’s Louise Bourgeois exhibition, studio visits to meet artists Matthew Day Jackson and Bharti Kher, and a collaborative film with artists John Wood and Paul Harrison.

Arthaus meet on the first Wednesday of every month from 4.30 – 6 pm at Hauser & Wirth Somerset. For further information, or if you would like to become a member of Arthaus, please contact our Learning Team at hwsomersetlearning@hauserwirth.com.


Hauser & Wirth recognises the value that residencies can provide to an artist’s individual development and their impact within a community. Our diverse gallery locations represent the breadth of artistic communities and support a system for artists from around the world. We focus on the creation of an environment that facilitates an artist devoting dedicated time to evolve their practice with the added benefits of studio spaces, new influences, contacts and visibility. Each region offers a unique residency program to help artists advance their craft and careers, and also strengthen international and local art communities.