Ania Hobson

Present Tense

27 January – 28 April 2024


About the Artist

Ania Hobson divides her time between her Suffolk and London studios. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Ipswich University in Suffolk, UK in 2011 and went on to study short courses at The Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. In 2018 she was awarded the Young Artist Award of the BP Portrait Awards, granted by the National Portrait Gallery, London, UK.

Hobson’s solo exhibitions include: ‘SETAREH,’ Dusseldorf, Germany (2023); ‘Ruttkowski 68, Paris, France (2022); and ‘Playing with Fire,’ Steve Turner, Los Angeles CA (2022). Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Women Painting Women,’ Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth, Forth Worth TX (2022); and ‘Personal Structures,’ European Cultural Center, Venice, Italy (2022).

‘All of my paintings are from my imagination which is just part of my subconscious, my experiences, sights, sounds and smells, it is all about creating atmospheres and working with my own anxieties and emotions. All of my paintings start with preliminary sketches which I use as a base for my painting. I love looking at psychology and studying emotions, this is why all of my figures have enhanced features, it is our form communication and understanding. I prefer to paint from the head, it is more fluid, it is a third vision that is been through my eyes, brain and canvas it is less forgiving and creates this dreamlike figure, I don’t like to be exact with my figures.’

On View in Somerset

‘Present Tense’ is on view through 28 April 2024.