The Imaginative World of Poncili Creación Connected Our Community with Creativity

6 November 2023

Mystifying Puerto Rican puppet collective, Poncili Creación, hosted creative workshops on the occasion of ‘Nonmemory’ in Downtown Los Angeles.

From 28 – 29 October 2023 in Downtown Los Angeles, Poncili Creación, the mystifying Puerto Rican puppet collective comprised of identical twin brothers Pablo and Efrain Del Hierro, hosted creative workshops on the occasion of ‘Nonmemory’ – an exhibition curated by Jay Ezra Nayssan and organized in collaboration with the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.

Ahead of their performance ‘Our name is Moving’ on 11 November and expanding upon artist Mike Kelley’s interests in the complex relationship between space, memory and identity, Poncili Creación inspired workshop participants to take a different approach to the production of ideas, with the intent of delivering a crash course on the transformation of matter.  

Every participant had the opportunity to test new materials and unleash their creativity by bringing an idea from the mind into three-dimensionality. Championing DIY culture and artistic risk, the brothers explained why one should see no limits when it comes to acquiring materials and turning them into objects that can come alive and interact with reality. Together, participants went through the steps of conceptualization, sketching, creating and activating soft sculptures. The goal for everyone was to learn the skills needed to bring an idea to life — whether that be a puppet, a tool against the apocalypse, or both. This workshop was not intended solely for artists, as it is Poncili Creación’s belief that anyone can benefit from using their creativity more wisely. 

On 11 November, Poncili Creación will perform ‘Our name is Moving,’ an audiovisual poem presented by The Performance Project at Hauser & Wirth Downtown Los Angeles and Del Vaz Projects. Click to register
Photos: © 2023 Sarah M Golonka | smg-photography