Mary Heilmann

Daydream Nation
Curated by Gary Simmons

2 May – 26 July 2024

New York, 22nd Street

‘A body of work starts by daydreaming…’ —Mary Heilmann

On 2 May, we will open ‘Daydream Nation’ at its 22nd Street gallery, exploring Mary Heilmann’s ongoing interest in drawing as a form of transcribing memory. Curated by artist Gary Simmons, Heilmann’s friend and former student and colleague at New York’s School of Visual Arts, the exhibition celebrates her talent for distilling complex images and ideas into deceptively simple geometric forms and abstract gestural marks. Through rarely and never-before-seen works on paper from the 1970s to early 2000s, this presentation reveals how drawing functions as a form of daydreaming—of conjuring the sights, sounds and events of her past travels or her imagined future—in Heilmann’s creative process.

‘I’ve known Mary through many chapters of my life,’ Simmons says. ‘Selecting these works and collaborating with her, I’ve learned more about her practice than I thought possible. In her drawings and paintings, there’s this sense of a dreamscape, a mosaic of her travels through the desert and from coast to coast.’

About the Artist

Mary Heilmann

Influenced by 1960s counterculture, the free speech movement, and the surf ethos of her native California, Mary Heilmann ranks amongst the most influential abstract painters of her generation. Considered one of the preeminent contemporary Abstract painters, Heilmann’s practice overlays the analytical geometries of Minimalism with the spontaneous ethos of the...

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