Annie Leibovitz Archive Project No. 1
Annie Leibovitz Archive Project No. 1
Excerpt from Annie Leibovitz: Archive Project No. 1
10 Apr 2019

Annie Leibovitz: Archive Project No. 1

Exploring the Archive

The artist's book ‘Annie Leibovitz: Archive Project No. 1,’ a small-scale, handcrafted production—each sewn together by hand—represents a special collaboration between Hauser & Wirth Publishers and Annie Leibovitz. The tome serves simultaneously as a close-range guide to the show and an immersive tactile experience of the artist's history, craft, and way of reframing her archive.


The book’s Japanese binding allows for the sheer scale of Leibovitz’s installation to be translated into print as a continuously flowing narrative that spills over the folds. With eco kraft-paper-covered hardcover panels on the front and back, the publication’s materiality foregrounds the idea of the book as a reference tool for the photographer’s exhibition.

Annie Leibovitz Archive Project No. 1


The thin coated paper used within allows the smallest details in Leibovitz’s images to crystallize. Running chronologically along a thread-gridded wall that is mirrored in the book’s binding, the artist’s archive is read at varying scales and different densities, unfolding a rhythmic narrative. At times, the page is almost completely full, while at others, only a handful of photographs dot the spread. The content brought together with a parallel materiality was conceived as a special limited edition and reflects a carefully considered and orchestrated translation of an experience and archive into print.

The exhibition ‘Annie Leibovitz. The Early Years, 1970 – 1983: Archive Project No. 1,’ was on view at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles 14 February – 14 April 2019.

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