Don McCullin: The Stillness of Life

At home in Somerset, Sir Don McCullin CBE talks about photographing the landscape ahead of his exhibition ‘The Stillness of Life’ at Hauser &...
George Portrait


George Condo now represented by Hauser & Wirth

We are thrilled to announce worldwide representation of New York-based artist George Condo. Our first project with the artist will be an...


A Sense of Poetry: On learning from Robert Frank

I knew Robert Frank for more than 40 years, which makes it strange to say that I cannot clearly remember the first time we met in person. But this...
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Marc Payot named President of Hauser & Wirth and New Gallery Partners Announced

We are pleased to share the news that Marc Payot is now President of Hauser & Wirth alongside Co-Presidents Iwan Wirth and Manuela Wirth. Since...


Not Vital: Poetry, Unique and Intense

Not Vital coined the word SCARCH, a portmanteau word, to describe his works between sculpture and architecture. They are conceived and executed...


The Art of Other Suns: A Consideration of Work Made in the Wake of the Great Migration

CBGB, New York City, 1996: It was the first time I had ever watched the life force that was Wesley Willis—the unclassifiable cult...
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Exploring the Archive: Two Works by Mary Heilmann

‘It’s funny that you can get such a lot of powerful juice out of such an old, used form, but it is amazing that you can.’ Mary Heilmann is...
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Dieter Roth: Collected Interviews

The oeuvre of Dieter Roth (1930 – 1998) encompasses painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, film, video, music, typography, design,...
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Paul McCarthy and Tala Madani on the Power of Seditious Art

Paul McCarthy is one of the most revered and fearless artists of his generation. For almost half a century, he has made work that, as he has said,...
St. Moritz


Winter in the Alps: Calder, Holzer, Picasso

This winter we celebrate three major shows in our native Switzerland. Within the unparalleled setting of the Swiss Alps, experience work by Jenny...
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Diana Widmaier Picasso on Louise Bourgeois

Inside the last home and studio of Louise Bourgeois, former studio assistant to the artist Jerry Gorovoy speaks to art historian Diana Widmaier...

Network of Stoppages: After half a century, ‘Marcel Duchamp’ (1959) reappears in English

Jean-Jacques Lebel talks to Randy Kennedy ahead of Hauser & Wirth Publishers’ two-volume reissue of the English-language edition of ‘Marcel Duchamp’.



The Wooster Group: Getting Down to the Confrontation

Founded in 1975 as the Performance Group, an avant-garde downtown Manhattan theater company, the Wooster Group has become one of the most...
Walnut Tree Orchard (2nd Version): Set 1


A Love Supreme: Charles Gaines and Trees

‘Charles Gaines: Palm Trees and Other Works’, published alongside the artist's 2019–20 exhibition at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles, charts the...
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Avery Singer now represented
by Hauser & Wirth

We are thrilled to announce representation of Avery Singer. Our first project with the artist will be a solo presentation of new works at Frieze...
Alina Szapocznikow in her Królewska Street studio, Warsaw, Poland

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Exhibition Guide: Alina Szapocznikow

For our first solo exhibition devoted to Alina Szapocznikow since undertaking representation of the artist’s estate in May 2018, we focus on the...
Con Homenaje a Kandisnky. Foto Walter DrÑyer

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Eduardo Chillida: Searching for Light

Set in the landscape of the Basque Country, Chillida Leku is a unique museum created by Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida in his lifetime. Nature...
Mike Kelley


Gerard Malanga on Mike Kelley, 1954 – 2012

It’s been said—who said it?—each of us in our time knows our time. But supposing a cognitive mistake slips a gear or two, like in predicting...

Art Fairs

Artist Choice Online Viewing Room: Rashid Johnson

Complementing our current exhibition, ‘The Hikers’, on view in our New York gallery through January 2020, the inaugural Artist Choice Online...


Atelier Dyakova on Calder Book Design

Alexander Calder transformed the very nature of sculpture by introducing the fourth dimension and the actuality of real-time experience into his...
Mark Bradford_Life Size


The Making of Mark Bradford’s ‘Life Size’

Claes Oldenburg once described the ancient art of the print in easy-to-understand contemporary terms: ‘You could say making a print is like...


Travels through Mika Rottenberg’s Spaghetti Blockchain

Blockchain—the radically decentralized information system behind the rise of cryptocurrency—sounds more like an obscure branch of analytic...
1. Juli Bolaños-Durman


A Conversation with Makers in Somerset

Make Hauser & Wirth Somerset is a destination for contemporary making and the crafted object. The latest exhibition, ‘Re.Use, Re.Think, Re...

Chillida Leku: Home of Eduardo Chillida

In the open fields and forests of the Zabalaga country house, Chillida found the perfect place for realizing his vision. Chillida Leku is a unique museum, which the artist himself considered a great work of art.



David Zink Yi and the Language of Ceramic Cephalopods

About 20 years ago my friend Frank-Peter Lehmann, a director of photography who lives in Berlin and has filmed many of my documentaries, invited...


David Zink Yi and the Language of Ceramic Cephalopods

About 20 years ago my friend Frank-Peter Lehmann, a director of photography who lives in Berlin and has filmed many of my documentaries, invited...


Nicole Eisenman now represented by Hauser & Wirth

We are thrilled to be showcasing Eisenman’s work this December at Art Basel Miami Beach as the gallery's first collaboration with the artist.


Gathered Tribes: The Legacy of Steve Cannon

I knew Steve Cannon for more than a quarter-century. I knew him as the immeasurable gravitational force behind ‘A Gathering of the Tribes,’ his...


Making ‘The Hikers’: Rashid Johnson Breaks New Ground

‘My tool box is all I have. You know, I only have the tools that I brought with me, so I'm going to continue to use them. And when I add another...


Antiphony: Shayla Lawson after Lorna Simpson

Can you play yourself depends on the opening depends on the cross-fade wig depends on the stiff white pawn depends on the zip-up stiff of a...


Christina Quarles on Mike Kelley

'Timeless Painting', our exhibition dedicated to Mike Kelley and organized in collaboration with the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, is...


Stonework: Travels in the art of transience

If things had gone a bit differently, I might have become a bricklayer instead of an artist. As it turned out, bricklaying led me to stonework,...


The Shadow and the Gap: A rare look at Charles Gaines’ Shadows series

Shadows 1978–1980 is a series of works that I continually return to—or, rather, they continually return to me—as a powerfully concise...
August Sander Story Hero 2


Behind August Sander’s Portraits

August Sander (1876 – 1964) endeavored to document society across Germany, revealing the complexity and universality of the human condition with...


Leave a Little Space

Two years ago, during the Venice Biennale, Pinault Collection curator Caroline Bourgeois and I were invited to an unusual event, a symphonic...
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Maria Lassnig: Portrait of the Artist

‘The rhythm of painting should be like gasps of breath when life chokes us’, Maria Lassnig wrote in 1951, when her artwork was beginning to forge...

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