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Amy Sherald: In the Studio

On the occasion of her first exhibition with the gallery, we visited Amy Sherald in her studio as she put finishing touches on eight new...
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Luchita Hurtado in Collaboration with Jacob Samuel: New Intimacy in Printmaking

The work Luchita Hurtado has produced quietly over the course of eighty years has been largely defined by both her multicultural context, and the...


Charles Dowding and Alice Workman on our Somerset Pumpkin Festival

The last joys of summer are ceding to cooler and darker days, making way for the autumn season at Hauser & Wirth Somerset. Every year, the local...
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Piero Manzoni: Free Dimension

In addition to a rich body of works, Piero Manzoni left a trove of writings which are translated into English for the first time or newly...
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Art at The Fife Arms

Located in the historic Scottish village of Braemar amidst the Cairngorms National Park, The Fife Arms was recently named The Sunday Times Hotel...
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Philip Guston, Newly Discovered 1971 Footage

Never-before-seen footage of Philip Guston in 1971 with poet friend Clark Coolidge by documentary filmmaker Michael Blackwood is being shown for...
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Gary Indiana on the psychoanalytic writings of Louise Bourgeois

When I met her, in the mid-1980s, it was by way of a mash note she sent in the mail to the paper I wrote for, not so much thanking me for a review...
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Foundations in Printmaking with Matthew Day Jackson

Working across a vast range of materials and processes, Matthew Day Jackson makes work about the ebb and flow of systems—both those that drive the...
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Striking Out in a New Direction: John Chamberlain to Leo Castelli

In his classic 1980 New Yorker profile of the dealer Leo Castelli, Calvin Tomkins described Castelli’s traditional division of labor with his...
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Museum Exhibition

The politics of speech:
Anna Maria Maiolino’s 1970s works

Sao Paulo-based artist Anna Maria Maiolino’s films from the 1970s feature a rejection of narrative conventions, flashes of anatomized faces and...


Mark Bradford: Cerberus

Inside his Los Angeles studio, Mark Bradford talks mythology, the civil rights movement and the urban jungle in his latest paintings, ahead of his...

Charles Gaines: Evidencing Reality

On the occasion of his first exhibition with the gallery, ‘Palm Trees and Other Works,’ we take a closer look into Charles Gaines’s generative process and holistic approach to artmaking by focusing on the creation of the new works debuting in Los Angeles.



A Soliloquy: Phyllida Barlow on David Smith

Tracing fragments of sculptural experience, Phyllida Barlow responds to the work of one of the foremost artists of the 20th-century, David Smith....
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Announcing a Collaboration with Fondazione Lucio Fontana on a Trilogy of Exhibitions

We are delighted to announce a collaboration with Fondazione Lucio Fontana that will unfold over the coming two years with a trilogy of...
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Achille Mauri on Fabio Mauri and the Post-War Italian Avant-Garde

At home in Milan, Achille Mauri, brother of Fabio Mauri, traces the cultural scenes of post-war Rome and Milan, a time when these two cities were...
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Pain and Resilience: Philip Guston at the Crossroads

Philip Guston went from a successful, even iconic, Abstract Expressionist of the 1950s to a man without a movement in the decades that followed. A...
Bradford with TK in the Process Collettivo organic garden, Giudecca Women’s Prison, Venice, Italy


Agnes Gund and Mark Bradford on Art and Social Justice

Agnes Gund, the pioneering collector and former president of the Museum of Modern Art, has devoted her life to a form of activist arts...

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Late Summer Plants in Oudolf Field

Piet Oudolf can be credited with helping to achieve a major shift in emphasis in planting design towards achieving a climactic display in late...
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A conversation between Amy Sherald and Marc Payot

Over the course of a decade, Marc Payot, Partner and Vice President has spearheaded the gallery’s major expansion in the US, which has included...
Follower of Hans Memling, Virgin and Child, 16th century.


The Period Eye
A passion play

My visual education began in the modest interior of a house with a brown sandpaper façade nestled at the end of the 6 train, in a neighborhood...
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Eva Hesse’s Woodstock Paintings

In the summer of 1969 Eva Hesse came to Woodstock, New York, with a small suitcase and a substantial box of drawing materials. The box was a green...
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Curious Items From Home and Abroad

Italian maestros Piero Fornasetti and Gio Ponti cultivated one of the most fertile and intriguing design collaborations of the 20th century. A...

Museum Exhibition

Jack Whitten’s Apps for Obama

In 2011, Jack Whitten created a work that serves as a reflection of the political climate and a testament to the brilliance of his experimentation...

Arp: Master of 20th Century Sculpture

Over a period of more than sixty years, Arp produced an extraordinarily influential body of work that shifts fluidly between abstraction and representation, and between organic and geometric forms. ⁣On the occasion of the first solo exhibition of the artist’s work in Greater China, we take a closer a look at the life and work of this 20th-century master.



Maria Lassnig: To Be Many Kinds

To mark the centenary of Maria Lassnig’s birth, voices from her life and work are assembled by Gesine Borcherdt. The painter Maria Lassnig...


Maria Lassnig: To Be Many Kinds

To mark the centenary of Maria Lassnig’s birth, voices from her life and work are assembled by Gesine Borcherdt. The painter Maria Lassnig...
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Pipilotti Rist: Freeing the Wonderlight

‘This is a room where people are invited to lay down and relax, to discover how they perceive differently.’ Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist leads us...
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The Man From Chorley: With Matthew Higgs in the Record Store

As with many formative pursuits, collecting often begins in childhood. Infinitely curious in ways that may naturally diminish with age or,...
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Ursula Hauser on encounters with artists and collecting

Ursula Hauser’s interest in art and collecting goes back to the 1950s, when she acquired her first sculpture while still a young woman in training,...

Museum Exhibition

Spotlight on American Summer Exhibitions

From the surreal color and character constructions of artists Mika Rottenberg and Richard Jackson to meditations on literature and dance found in...

Museum Exhibition

Spotlight on European Summer Exhibitions

From retrospectives that shed light on the ground-breaking oeuvres of Maria Lassnig, Luchita Hurtado and Jenny Holzer, to the complex reworkings...
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Max Bill and the Dessau Bauhaus: A design pioneer’s origins in painting

‘I have caught the painting disease.’—Max Bill to his teacher László Moholy-Nagy, Dessau Bauhaus, 1927
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Ed Clark now represented by Hauser & Wirth

Hauser & Wirth is delighted to announce exclusive worldwide representation of Ed Clark. The gallery's first project with the American artist will...


Curator Clare Lilley on David Smith

Born in 1906 in Decatur, Indiana, David Smith is known for his use of industrial methods and materials, and the integration of open space into...


Design by Function

In 1978, the New York artists Peter Nadin and Christopher D’Arcangelo conceived an idea for an open-ended, improvisational art space in which work...


In Conversation with Mark Bradford

W. Tate Dougherty, Senior Director, has worked intensively with Mark Bradford since Mark joined the gallery in 2014. They have built a close...

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