Martin Creed Thoughts Lined Up

1. I’m Going To Do Something Soon
2. Princess Taxi Girl
3. Understanding
4. If It’s Not One Thing It’s The Other
5. Everybody Needs Someone To Hate
6. (You Put Your) Hand In My Hand
7. Difficult Thoughts
8. Where Are You Gonna Be?
9. Prisoner Of Rhythm
10. What Is It?
11. Do You Know What I Mean?
12. Let’s Come To An Arrangement
13. Can’t Say No
14. Border Control
15. Prayer
16. Let Them In
17. I Woke Up
18. It’s You
19. I Found Lost
20. Text Me Back
21. One, Two, Three
22. Massive Boat
23. Down In The Sky
24. The Direction Of Love

Telephone Records 2016


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