Allan Kaprow Overtime

Allan Kaprow’s posters started out as advertisements for upcoming Happenings and have always been appreciated as aesthetic objects. The artist himself designed many of these announcements and those from the 1960s are characterized by simple yet elegant hand drawn imagery and hand lettered text that reveals his early formalist art training. In the 1970s these flyers evolved into simple combinations of printed and handwritten text paired with a photograph relating to the project. The posters made in the 1960s effectively convey the same feeling of spontaneity found in his early Environments and Happenings, which blur the boundaries between art and life, while those from the 1970s embrace the minimalist aesthetic found in his Activities. Like Kaprow’s artwork, the posters, which are collector’s items, blur similar boundaries between art and advertising.

Poster, folded
53.3 × 40.8 cm / 21 × 16 1/8 in


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