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Luchita Hurtado

Luchita Hurtado Geelong Blanket

The Creative Act: Artists’ Writings

The visual languages artists create by bringing ideas into form are often grounded in the written word. Daily logs, diaries, essays, notes, letters, lists—for artists, writing is a means to express, track, and articulate what they are transforming into physical objects. Through Hauser & Wirth Publishers’ privileged access to artists’ writings and archives, we publish titles that grant readers entrée to the minds of artists, where ideation abounds.

H&W Artist Blankets




For the confirmed bibliophile, there are few joys more pure than cracking open a box containing a book—a new book, a...



When the California Institute of the Arts embarked on its first academic year in the fall of 1970, its identity was...

Shavar, Jakira, Linda MGA 082120


For the cover story of the inaugural issue of ‘Ursula’ magazine in 2018, Linda Goode Bryant—gallery founder,...