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  • Horn 82 Postcards

    Roni Horn: 82 Postcards

    Much of Roni Horn’s artistic practice explores the nuanced relationship between text and image in visual culture. In her methodically rigorous and...
  • Horn Bird

    Roni Horn: bird

    ‘bird’ presents the culmination of Roni Horn’s long-running photographic series of taxidermied Icelandic wildfowl. Photographed at close range...
  • Publishers Images 2010

    Roni Horn: aka

    Roni Horn’s ‘aka’ presents thirty images of the American artist throughout her life, shown as nonlinear pairs that move back and forth in...
  • Publishers Images 2006

    Roni Horn: Rings of Lispector (Agua Viva)

    ‘Roni Horn: Rings of Lispector (Agua Viva)’ commemorates the artist’s first major solo exhibition in the United Kingdom (2004), documenting...
  • HORN Drawings Front

    Roni Horn: 153 drawings

    For the past two decades, drawing has played an important role in Horn’s practice and, in recent years, her drawings have increased in scale and...