Maria Lassnig: Paintings

‘As the famous French philosopher of phenomenology Merleau-Ponty once observed ‘it is by lending his body to the world that the artist changes the world into paintings.’ And, while the Austrian painter Maria Lassnig, may not share the supposed world of ideal ‘transubstantiations’, … she would wholeheartedly agree with ‘we must go back to the working, actual body – not the body as a chunk of space or a bundle of functions but that body which is an intertwining of vision and movement.’ This body… suggests that the practice of painting is both that of human mediation as well as animation, ‘between the seeing and the seen, between touching and the touched, between hand and hand, a blending of some sort takes place.’
– Between “Eye and Mind”: The Paintings of Maria Lassnig by Mark Gisbourne

Publication Details

  • Text by Mark Gisbourne
  • English
  • Hardcover
  • 26 pages
  • Feb 2004
  • £65.00 / $95.00 / 80.00€ /

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