Paul McCarthy
Hummel / Three Sculptures

  • Out of print Edited by Paul McCarthy and Sarah Watson Texts by Paul McCarthy, Diedrich Diederichsen and Benjamin Weissman
  • Two volumes, hardcover
    Three Sculptures (Vol. 1): 48 pages, colour plates throughout
    Hummel (Vol. 2): 128 pages, colour plates throughout
    Each 40 × 28.2 cm / 15 3/4 × 11 1/8 in
  • L&M Arts, Hauser & Wirth, 2010
  • 978-0-9790942-9-3
  • Summer 2010

“Loving care and obliteration and / or subject, object, objectification figurines of boys and girls, little ones, figurines, knickknacks for mothers and fathers loving care, a sliding slippery political objective for objectivity. Objectification as subject. Little girls and boys, object of desire and pleasure to defer and to complete family and patriarchical political propaganda. The small Hummel, a German figurine, a shelf collectible, a figurine of innocence, Alpine Aryan washed and scrubbed hygienic purity holding a straw handmade basket. An image of hygienic joy, frolicking around the pipe pole” – Substance Substitute by Paul McCarthy

Out of print

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